Sunday, April 19, 2015

Missy & Abby

Missy had to go to the Vet on Friday.  Nothing serious, allergies were making her lick and chew at her paws and I wanted to get her looked at. It certainly wasn't an emergency but they were kind enough to squeeze us in. We checked in at the front desk and turned around to go into the waiting room.  We entered the room and there was an audible 'awwwww'. 

Yup! Missy was now 'in da house'. 

People say that "Missy brings the party" and well, it's true, Missy does bring the party.  This little gal just loves being the center of attention. She radiates sunshine and walked into the room with all the sass of a movie star. She was squirming her butt, wagging her tail and going up to all the dogs as if to say "Hi! I'm Missy! Do you wanna be my friend?"  

Missy lives her life to be everyone's friend. Big dogs, small dogs, men, women, young or old, it doesn't matter to her.  Missy loves everyone and I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't love Missy back. She's a pip.

Missy has a large scar on her back.  It's about 6 inches long and there is no fur growing there. The Greenville Humane Society said that Jade (that was her name then) was brought to them like that and they didn't know how it happened. The scar doesn't bother Missy at all but people always comment on it.  The scar is such a contrast to her playfulness and it definitely makes her unique and even more memorable. 

We found a seat next to a stunning chocolate mixed lab and her owner.  The dog's name was Abby and she was a beauty.  I was smitten with Abby and Abby was smitten with Missy.  They were nose to nose and Abby was giving Missy kisses and plenty of lovin'. They had the whole room captivated and entertained and it was very sweet to watch.

At one point Abby gave Missy a big sloppy kiss on her forehead. Missy just stood there with this big ole lick mark on her head and it was okay.  Missy is that kind of friend.  

About 20 minutes later, Abby got called into the office.  She walked by Missy with one final glance and then she was gone.  Missy watched Abby go, waited a moment, and then looked back around the room.  Missy was searching out her next friend.  

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