Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Miles Robert

Four-thirty in the morning and I am outside with Missy.  I love the morning sky and find comfort and peace in the start of each day.  For the past two weeks, the light in my neighbor's house has been on.  It's the window on the second floor and it's Miles' room.  Miles is Adrian and Kevin's son and he is two weeks old.

Miles was born two weeks early and is just a little bit of a fella.  He's been steadily gaining weight, but it's been exhausting for Adrian and Kevin.  First time parenting is hard work, even more so when the baby is having a hard time feeding.  He has been slowly gaining weight, it's only ounces, but when you are less than 6 pounds, those ounces add up and are celebrated.

They are not overly cautious parents.  You know the ones; you are expected to scrub like surgeons before you handle their child.  Of course they are cautious about germs while his little body gets stronger, but they are also giving and sharing with their son.

Everyone should be so lucky to have friends and neighbors like Kevin and Adrian.  They are good and solid people. They are the neighbor who will watch your house while you are gone, bring in your mail and give your dog plenty of lovin' and belly rubs.

When it's a good time for the family, I go next door to check in.  A good time is between feedings when Miles is sleeping content with his little belly full. Yesterday, we gathered in the kitchen and the baby was placed in my arms. 

With Miles snuggled in, I talk with Adrian and Kevin.  Kevin is at the sink washing baby bottles and Adrian shares with me some of the pictures the photographer took a few days earlier.  Miles sleeps in my arms with just an occasional stir and sigh and it's one of those moments. One of those moments that make up your day-to-day life. One of those moments that so very often get overlooked because they are just so simple.

So many mornings over the last few weeks, I have seen the light in the window.  I know that Adrian and Kevin have worked out a schedule to allow the other one to get the needed rest and it's probably Kevin that is up with Miles. I look up at the light and I feel and know it in my heart that they are good parents. Miles is one lucky little fella.

I look at the lit window and think about what is happening in their home, in their world. Kevin is gently picking Miles up out of his crib, soothing him while he changes his diaper and then brings him downstairs to fix the bottle. 

In one arm Kevin has Miles; gently rocking and cradling him while the milk heats.  Finally, the bottle is ready and father and son go into the living room.  They settle down onto the couch and Miles gets his bottle.

After the feeding and the burping, they will head back upstairs, Kevin will gently place Miles in his crib, get back into bed and the light will go out




  1. Your writing brings me joy.

    1. Sweetie, thank you so much. Thank you for reading and for your kind words. xo

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    1. Thank you so much Sharon. Thank you for reading and your kind words.