Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Christmas.  Ahhh Christmas. The stores have had merchandise out since July, and the radio has been playing Christmas music since way before Thanksgiving.  You would think I would be ready for Christmas.  But I am not. 
When I say "not ready" I don't mean to say that I am physically not ready.  I have very little actual presents to buy and what I do have is very easy to manage, so it's not that. The cookies are done and delivered and since I love, love, love to spread 'cookie love', I know it's not that.  And although I got a late start (late for me) the few cards I did make are mailed, so there is no pressure there either.
What appears to be missing is my Christmas spirit.  I am just not feeling it.  I did, about a month ago, get excited about Christmas and then it was gone.  It left and did not return. 
I brought the Christmas tubs in the house and went through them.  I pulled out all the lovely vintage ornaments that I've collected over the years and thought that perhaps I would decorate with just them.  I did not.  The tubs are still in the same spot and will soon make their way back to the shed for another year of storage. 
What I did manage to do was take pictures of some of the ornaments before they were returned to the tubs.  I have been taking a lot of pictures lately and find that this is something that I enjoy doing and I am definitely going to pursue further.  
For a while, I was getting boggled down with all the technical aspects of my camera and I was getting frustrated.  I signed up for a beginner's camera class and will soon learn all about 'white balance', 'OEV', ISO's etc... But for right now, I am just going to enjoy what I am capable of doing. 
So perhaps, as I ponder on all of this, what I feel may be the lack of Christmas spirit in my heart, is not really gone, perhaps it is there in some other form and will come through in the gift of photos I share with you.