Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to "Missy makes me laugh", my new blog!  

First, I have to tell you, I have spent the last week trying to get the template right and have spent an enormous amount of time agonizing over what to write for the "Welcome" letter.  Then I realized I was making it much harder than I needed to. I was getting boggled down by the process instead of enjoying the process, before I even started.  What I needed to do was just step away and refocus.  I did and decided that I would just put it out there. Just put it out there and begin. And I did. And here it is "Ta-da!". 

What I do know is that the blog I start today is going to be very different from what the blog will be a few weeks from now. And that is totally, absolutely fine. In fact, this is exactly what I want. I want to learn and grow. I want my blog to be a place for people to enjoy visiting and feel welcome contributing to. 

What you see right now is a very basic template but I'm going to work on making it awesome!  My neighbor Adrian is a great resource1 and very smart. She has been a huge help to me already.  And my new friend Sam, that I met at Barnes & Noble2, is a guru with IT stuff and knows lots of technical and formatting tips.  I think that in a few weeks I am going to have a blog that absolutely rocks! 

Now, about the name: I thought that I needed to come up with a clever name for the blog, perhaps a play on words or something witty.  But then as I was thinking about it, "Missy makes me laugh" just came to me. I really liked it and thought that it would work. So many of you enjoy Missy and her, her, um, her "specialness"3, so I thought since she makes me laugh every day, that would be a good name for my blog to make you laugh every day too.  I hope you all agree!

So, what can you expect from "Missy makes me laugh"?  Well, let me tell you what you will not get, that may be easier.  M3L4 will never be negative or angry.  I will never post or push my political, religious or social views in this forum. That is simply not who I am or what I am about.  And really, isn't there enough negativity out there already?  I'm not looking to change your life or your views, I just want to make you smile and feel like you are getting a hug5. It's really that simple. And to me, there doesn't seem to be enough people doing that.

M3L will be about my life observations and varied adventures with a fun, whimsical and unique slant on them.  I don't know if stuff happens to me because I am always so open to experiences, or if I really am just one of those magnets for people and events!  But whatever it is, I love it and don't ever want to lose it! 

I will add entries as they happen and will try to make them short little reads. I'm thinking a few times a week, although sometimes it could be more or it could be less. I guess it just depends on my life. I do have a notebook full of things that I have been writing down for FaceBook posts, now I can use them for M3L posts too.  Honestly, I'm not worried about running out of material for a while!  

I will also share with you pictures. I have been doing some photography lately for a friend and I find that I am really enjoying this as well. So, there will be pictures too. They may or may not tie into a subject; they may just be a stand alone entry6.   

My goal is not to be 'discovered' and whisked away by some company who wants to pay me oodles and oodles of money7.  For one thing, my writing skills are not really that good and I'm sure there will be plenty of grammatical and structural errors.  I'll try to have my 'edit' department weed them out first so that the end result will be readable and entertaining.  I just write like I talk8. I hope you can all follow along and feel the energy and enthusiasm!

So as I wrap up my first blog, I will say "Thank you".  I am so tremendously grateful and appreciative of your encouragement and support already.  There is a lot of information out there that requires your attention on any given day.  The fact that you seek me out and allow me to share my life with you really means a lot to me. I will never take advantage of you or your time and I will always give you my best effort.  I will try to leave your day if not better, certainly not worse, and that is my promise to you.  

Thank you for joining me and I hope you stay with me and share your life with me as well.  Love Janet

1 And a great friend! And Missy loves, loves, loves her husband Kevin
2  Not my little blond high-fiving little friend.  A different friend
3  And energy and spunk and cuteness and ....
4  I KNOW!! 
5 I am such a dork!
6 Probably something involving keys, buttons, chocolate or Missy  
7 Wait? That is not my goal?
And I looooooove footnotes!